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Jessica Carney Associates 

Based in London with close family in Essex,
Bristol and Sicily

Beatrice, THE THIRD LIFE, George Earwicker

Liv, HOW LITTLE Chloe Taylor, Paul Sirret/ Amelia 

Dr Greco, CANCER CELLS, Synergy, Esther Baker

Hediya, TOP BOY (2eps), Netflix, Reinaldo Marcus Green

Anna, EAT PRETTY, Channel 4, Rebecca Culverhouse

Niamh, AINE'S PLACE, Georgia Sawyer, Northern Ireland Screen 

Joanna, Gold Star, Resilient Pictures, Paul Frankl 

Domenica, The Moonstone, King Bert for BBC, Lisa Mulcahy

Nina, The Jump, Andrew Sowerby

Kiran, AVA, Day for Night Films, Animage, Ruth Beni

Heidi, The New Boy, East End Film Festival, Christine Lalla



Nat/Bloom/Bill, VARIOUS, Soho Theatre, Lakesha Arie-Angelo

Elizabeth, THAS' A RUMMUN, Seagull Theatre, Thom Bailey

Don Juan/ Margaret, MUCH ADO, Albion Theatre, Leo Graham 

Witch 1, MACBETH, Chichester Festival Theatre, Paul Miller

Belle, Beauty and the Beast, Oxford Playhouse, Steve Marmion

Amina, THERE IS A FIELD, Theatre 503, Esther Baker 

Anna, DEALING WITH CLAIR, Orange Tree Theatre, Richard Twyman 

Company, SALOMÉ National Theatre, Yaël Farber

Bee, WILLIE, Old Red Lion, Sean Turner

Alia, NAHDA, Sandpit Productions, Bush Theatre, Sean Turner

Stacey/Katie, NO BORDERS, Oxford Playhouse, Carla Kingham

Baby Houseman, DIRTY DANCING, Playful Productions, Sarah Tipple


2010 - present

2010 - present

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