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April 05, 2020

Gold Star Streams Online for Emerging Filmmakers 

Last night, in defiance of the Corona Virus the lovely people at EMERGING FILMMAKERS went live with their THE WRITE STUFF night

August 09, 2019

Rehearsals for Macbeth at Chicester Festival Theatre


Having such a brilliant time in rehearsals for Paul Miller's Macbeth - learning so much from watching Dervla Kirwan and John Simms do their thing! 

March 10, 2019

Performance in ISIS prison 

Today we went to ISIS prison to perform There is a Field - it was a rewarding challenge. Around 200 prisoners were watching and it was great to feel like it had really connected with them. Would really like to do more of this kind of work in the future. 

March 16, 2019

Last night of There is a Field at Theatre 503

What a great run we've had - I loved being part of a working class play about faith, family and friendship and sent the message out clearly: it's OK for men to have feelings, to open up to friends and to need help. Bringing Amina to life was a real honour and I won't forget the frustrations and comforts for a strong, forward thinking, pregnant, muslim woman living in east london! 

Will really miss this project, so fingers crossed we'll get to bring it back in some form or another! 

February 09, 2019

Still I Rise, Hayv Kahraman: displaced choreographies 

What an inspiring day working with the brilliant Lara Sawalha, Nadia Lamin and Laila Alj for Hayv Kahraman's thought-provoking and beautiful exhibition at De Le Warr Pavilion: bringing her stories to life was an absolute joy. And what a treat to get to see the other exhibitions on offer at Still I Rise. 

January 31, 2019

Rehearsals for There is a Field 

Full steam ahead with a cracking team for this new play by Martin Askew about a muslim converts journey. We've been going to mosque, uniting and actioning, reading some brilliant books/ watching some excellent documentaries and even meeting our real life counterparts which has all been brilliant for stepping inside these characters. 

Couldn't have asked for a better cast in Archie Backhouse, Sam Frenchum, Sarah Finnigan and Fabrizio Santino. Direction and writing on point and such a treat to work for Synergy Theatre, a company who have been working for 25 years to bring theatre to prisoners as well as to bring their narratives to our stages. 

November 30, 2019

Final show of Dealing with Clair at The Orange Tree

Thankyou to everyone who caught our run at the Orange Tree Theatre for English Touring Theatre - we've had some lovely feedback and we've had such a blast sharing this story with you.


Richard Twyman, Lizzy Watts, Michael Gould, Hara Yannas,Tom Mothersdale, Gabriel Akuwdike, Martin Crimp, Fly Davis, Joshua Carr, Alexandra Faye Braithwaite, Lisa Aitken, Shelley Maxwell, Serena Hill = dream team! 

November 14, 2019

Good writing just keeps on giving! 

Crimp's writing just keeps on revealing itself to us - every night it seems to have more resonance and we all keep finding more and more in it. 

September 14, 2018

Rehearsals for Dealing with Clair 

It has been such a treat working with the brilliant Twyman and a lovely cast Lizzy Watts, Michael Gould, Hara Yannas, Tom Mothersdale and Gabriel Akuwdike for English Touring Theatre and Orange Tree Theatre on Martin Crimp's incisive Dealing with Clair - a revival of an excellent play 30 years after it premiered at the OT.  

July 23, 2018

Gold Star & EatPretty screenings!

Tuesday 24th July is the day it's all going down! At Soho House this evening - excited to see it on the big screen! 

Also, after a screening at the Curzon on Sunday, EatPretty will now air on Channel 4 at 12pm tonight as part of Series 5 episode 2 of RandomActs: 

Gold Star 

What a treat working bringing Joanna to life for the lovely Paul Frankl (dir) and Maria Tanjala (producer) partly funded by the BFI and with an excellent crew and cast including Kacey Ainsworth and Grahame Fox. 

GOLD STAR is the story of Joanna, an 18-year-old Jewish school girl, who, after a one night stand, gets pregnant. She begins to turn to Orthodox Judaism, as a way of taking control of her life, and to help her decide what to do about her unborn child.


Screening at Soho House at the end of this month! 

Somnai for dotdotdot

It's been fun working on this immersive theatre project with the excellent Emily Mytton (director) and the fab team of actors she and Carolina put together for it. A little bit punchdrunky a little bit new age AI... what a treat to be working with such a big variety of other performers for this one! 

ÁINE’S PLACE for Northern Ireland Film 

Niamh goes to a remote cottage in Castlewellan hoping to relax, rejuvenate and 'find herself' again. Instead, she finds The Dolmen - a megalithic tomb, creepy religious relics and Jamie - an attractive but worryingly intense man who turns out to have some serious issues. 

Directed by the lovely Georgia Sawyer, currently with the BBC

DoP: super talented Aidan Gault (

Eat Pretty for Channel 4

Anna is obsessed with the way she look: an instagrammer and fashion blogger by day, desperate to find the man of her dreams so that she feels a little less alone by night - keen to paper up her cracks.

The Jump 

with Raad Rawi and Philip Arditti

A short film on the elasticity of time, love and loss filmed written by Uriel Emil and directed by Andy Sowerby. What a treat to play a female astronaut - can't wait to share the final film with you! 

Gold Star 

With the lovely Beth Eyre for Will Maynard 

Under the masterful direction of Will Maynard. Gold Star is a short play that sees a bisexual woman give her “gold star” date a light-hearted lesson in acceptance and sexuality over a bottle of wine. What a treat to work with the talented Beth Eyre.

December 01, 2017

Broadway debut! 

40 hour stop over in New York 

For one night only Follies hit the New York stage - hiding our jetlag under our almost pristine pillows, live canon brought it's stories to the Big Apple! Much food for thought in the Q&A afterwards that will help us move the show forward even further. And managed to squeeze in a couple of catchups and a run across central park so happy faces all round! 

Vancouver you're a dream! 

Performing at the Chan Centre 

What an absolute treat to be on tour with Helen Eastman, Alex Silverman and the lovely lot at Live Canon again. A show about Trump, Climate Change, where our money went in the crash and Brexit; it's been great to work on something where the message is so relevant and important to society! More speaking foreign tongues - performing Xenophon in Greek, harmonising with 4 other excellent singers and acting our socks off. I completely fell in love with Vancouver, too. What a friendly place and slap bang in the middle of some of the most stunning views! 

That's a wrap!

That's a wrap! After two days of playing with 11 wonderful women and 3 magnificent men: we have a film! It's been such a treat seeing everyone bring this story to life and much more than I could have hoped for when I first met with director Enya Belak and DOP Adhar to discuss the story. 

A special 5 months working on Salomé for Yaël Farber


I've learnt an enormous amount about myself as a person and as an artist since March. The process began with two very valuable weeks with Amy, our movement director who is an absolute dream - and Yaël, Bryony and her worked tirelessly to create a working environment in which everyone felt free and comfortable expressing themselves and going on this journey with them. This post could easily span pages, but put simply it was a really special experience and one for which I will always be grateful! 

BBC - Moonstone 


Cannot wait to get on set next week for Moonstone - a new BBC adaptation of Wilkie Collins' novel. I'm going back to my roots and playing a young Italian and will be speaking the beautiful language too! 

On BBC Television, The Moonstone, a new adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ legendary novel, will be broadcast over five consecutive days. Described by TS Elliot as "the First and Greatest of English Detective novels", The Moonstone sees the charismatic gentleman detective Franklin Blake on the most important quest of his life - to solve the disappearance of the priceless Moonstone and win back Rachel Verinder, the love of his life. Brilliantly combining adventure with romance and some of British literature’s finest characters, this classic mystery’s twists and turns make The Moonstone the perfect afternoon treat.

563 Days - Southwark Playhouse 


I'm having a brilliant time working with Rafaella Marcus (assistant at The Globe), on Naomi Westerman's hard-hitting new play about a girl who's been locked in a cellar for (you guessed it) but is determined not be treated like a 'typical ickle victim'. Looking forward to being back at The Southwark Playhouse after so many years, it'll be a treat to be back on stage with Helen Coles, who I was at LAMDA with - and it's been super meeting the lovely Emma Mulkern, too!

Bad Coffee - Screening 


Really excited to be watching Bad Coffee, 30min short film produced by Rita Santos and directed by Andrija Petkeviciute, at The Genesis Cinema! Exploring and developing the character of Ashley, a manic-depressant who loses her battle with life, gave me a real insight into the issues which so many people face on a daily basis and I'm really proud of the film we've made together - soon it'll be up online and I can share it with you, too! 



Looking forward to filming with this vital, moving short film. Rehearsals with Elif Knight (playing my sister) and director Enya Belak have given me a great insight into the mood of the piece and into the relationship at the heart of our scenes. 

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