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Interviews: The Star; Chronicle Live; Daily Echo; The Irish TImes; 


Bristol Post

Holding them all together, of course, is Baby, played to a T by Roseanna Frascona... for such a tiny person, she has immense presence, but subtlty too so the character is always perfectly pitched. 


BWW (Broadway World) 

Roseanna Frascona as Baby Houseman is exceptional, she has the character down

to a tee. 


Entertainment Focus 

Undoubtedly the standout performance is Roseanna Frascona as Baby, who is delicately played with innocence and subtle insecurity. Comical and dramatic, seductive and sincere, Frascona embodies the spirit and vitality of youth in a performance which is utterly enchanting and expertly depicted.


Bristol 24-7 

Frascona really does make a thoroughly believable Baby... she plays goofy very well indeed and helps carve a complex but cutesy character


Stroud News and Journal

Frascona’s physicality, look and mannerisms were uncanny in their similarity to Jennifer Grey – however she bought her own individual elements to the performance which only added depth to the character.


The Yorkshire Post 

Roseanna Frascona is a complete natural as 17-year-old Baby


Mature Times 

Roseanna Frascona plays the role of Baby wonderfully... She really holds her own on stage and is so believable as the petite, strong, feisty Frances Houseman.


Musical Theatre Review 

Frascona may be slight, but she has a powerful comic heart. Her journey from shy virgin to confident young woman is utterly convincing.


Derbyshire Times

Roseanna Frascona is ‘Baby’ Houseman... and is a hoofer worth watching as well as an accomplished actress.


The Journal 

You might say Roseanna Frascona was born to play the role of 17-year-old Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman... her portrayal of Baby hits just the right balance of innocence, curiosity and top drawer dance moves in this coming-of-age tale.


The Chronicle 

The two leads do a fabulous job. Roseanna Frascona is uncannily like Jennifer Grey in her stature, movements and charm... Seeing her grow up and fall in love is magic too.


The Public Reviews 

Roseanna holds the audience in the palm of her hand, and captures Baby’s naivety, compassion and enthusiasm completely.


In The Cheap Seats

Roseanna Frascona plays Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman with an endearing naivety which soon blossoms into a confident, and still likeable, self-assurance whilst bringing something new to the character


Life Begins 

Roseanna Frascona brought the part of ‘Baby’ to life in a really heart-warming manner and endeared herself to the audience right from the opening scene.



























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