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My first short play 'LAURA AND SOPHIA' (Jan, 2023) is an exploration of female friendship, love and sexuality in a form which never gave female voices the space for that expression. It was performed at The Lion and Unicorn as part of Pistachio Theatre's 'Out the Shell' performed by Leah Gayer and Kalifa Taylor and directed by Sophie Drake. 

My second short play 'ELIZABETH BUTCHER' (March, 2023) was developed in an R&D with The Seagull Theatre for 'Thas a Rummun'  is a punchy look at the woman behind a 17th Century witchcraft accusation and has been given Arts Council funding for a 10 venue tour next Autumn.

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My first full length play 'ELENA' is based on a real woman we should all know the name of, but don't. Like 'LAURA & SOPHIA' it's written in iambic pentametre and uses this form, which never gave female voices the space for expression, to question perceptions of the past by challenging ideas of class, mental health and gender. It is currently in development with Broken Silence Theatre's 'Hive' and I am at the redrafting stage. Watch this space! 

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